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"If I'm not creating, I'm not living! Creation is the fuel to my fire" 

Mary Sanders, OLY

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Writing has become Mary's outlet for creativity post athletic/circus artist life. She once choreographed her own routines, created live touring shows and lived on stage ten shows per week. Now Mary lives and creates in her mind. It's beautiful to see the visions in your mind come to life on paper and eventually on screen. 

Constant reinvention is something Mary lives by. Yes, she's an Olympian, an accomplishment anyone should take great pride in, but Mary has accomplished a lot more through immersing herself in a world of opportunity.

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"I hope my journey will inspire other young women, be it a professional athlete transitioning into life outside of sport, or any woman struggling to find her place in the world. Women face many roadblocks to success and independence, and I believe by achieving both, women can find happiness and power. The days of conforming to a predetermined societal norm is over and I’m living proof."

Mary Sanders, OLY

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