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As a young girl, Mary’s father, Fred always had high expectations of her. He called her his “little gymnast” or "little Olympian." Fred was always the hardest on Mary in the gym even though she was the youngest and smallest by far. Mary took his strict coaching techniques and used them to fuel her to work harder.

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When Mary lost her father to cancer when she was 8 years old, she did not know if she could continue on without him. Thanks to the support, sacrifice and drive of her mother Jaci, Mary kept on training. Fred would never want Mary to give up, not until she went to the Olympics. Mary kept her father's words of wisdom in her mind and knew he was looking down on her throughout every competition and difficult moment she endured on the road from being his “little gymnast" to becoming his “little Olympian.”

Mary qualified the U.S a secure spot in the 2004 Olympics Games in Athens, Greece at the 2003 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. 

In 2004, Mary went on to become the sole Rhythmic Olympian representing the U.S in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. At the time, Mary had the best finishing of any North American and went on to achieve the title of the best Rhythmic Gymnast in all of the Western Hemisphere. 

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Olympian for U.S.A. team

U.S.A. Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion

Pacific Alliance Champion

– 5 Gold medals

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World Championships

– 10th place in finals

Pan-American Champion

– 5 Gold medals

U.S.A. Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion

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2002 - 2001

Canadian and U.S.A Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion

Pacific Alliance Champion

Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion

4-Continents Champion


2000 - 1999

Senior Bronze Medallist Champion

Junior Silver Medallist

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